Russia’s Concept of Seapower

Robert Wężowicz


Komentarz ZBN nr 3 (27) / 2018

8 lutego 2018 r.


© 2018 Uniwersytet Jagielloński & Robert Wężowicz


Russia’s Concept of Seapower


An analysis of the dynamics of the geopolitical processes in the World Ocean shows clearly that only the possession of a strong navy will endow Russia with an appropriate position in the new multi-polar world of the 21st century. These are the conclusions of one of the latest Russian strategy papers, dealing with the fundamentals of the Federation’s security policy in maritime area until the year 2030, which was approved by President Putin by way of decree no. 327 of 20 July 2017. This commentary elaborates on the possibilities of its implementation by the Russian Navy and expected implications of such actions.


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