Russia and the Turkish operation in Afrin

Marek Czajkowski

Analiza ZBN

nr 2 (21) / 2018

31 stycznia 2018 r.


© 2018 Uniwersytet Jagielloński & Marek Czajkowski

In January 2018 Turkish armed forces commenced military operation in north-western Syria. This action had been cleared with Moscow and was aimed at Kurdish political movements that reside in enclaves in northern Syria. From the Russian point of view it is a part of wider effort to pacify this area and strengthen the foothold in the Levant. Possible deterioration of the relations between Ankara and Washington, which supports Kurds, is also considered beneficial to the Kremlin. All this demonstrates however that the Syrian civil war is far from conclusion and so is Russian intervention there.

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Photo credit: Al-Jazeera,